In Central Eurasia, meeting a follower of Jesus is a rare occasion. In the 10 countries that make up this area, the vast majority of people live from birth to death without ever hearing a clear explanation of the gospel. But, through the obedience of God’s people and the power of the Holy Spirit, the scene is slowly changing!

In the short time Larry Smith had been serving in Bangladesh, people had come to him asking for a variety of things. But one man made a request that left him in shock. “Brother, take my child.” The desperation in the man’s voice was obvious. He wanted the best for his child, but he had no way to provide what was needed.

Popasnaya was once a peaceful town in eastern Ukraine. Life for its 22,000 people went by much as it had for generations. Then the war came. In 2014, Popasnaya—and most of eastern Ukraine—became a battleground between the Ukrainian government and those who opposed it.

“Why would you wait 2,000 years to tell me this story?” The man from India, who had just heard the gospel for the first time, demanded an answer. Brokenhearted, the AGWM worker tried to explain that this was the first time he had been able to locate the Indian man’s village, nestled high in the mountains of northern India. He and the rest of his team searched for months to find this village!

No running water, no electricity, no stores, no paved roads—just hundreds of miles of reindeer as far as the eye can see. Reindeer define the lives of the “reindeer people,” a multi-ethnic group of unreached people living in an area of northern Russia that stretches across eleven time zones.