Brad,* a Central Eurasia team member living in Turkey, met a young man, Cem, at a coffee shop in Istanbul. During the conversation, Brad told him a parable from the Bible. When Brad opened his Bible to show Cem the same parable he had just related, Cem’s eyes grew wide. “You actually have a Bible!” he exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to read one of these!”

The thought of a new school year brings joy to some and dread for others. Parents feel rising stress as the cost of school supplies quickly adds up. But in Lithuania, children face a different kind of stress. For them, buying school supplies is an impossible dream.

Across the Arab World, committed missionaries and national believers are engaging with local people to share God’s love in word and deed. They strike up conversations with taxi drivers. They chat with people in conversation classes. They follow up with inquirers who contact Christian satellite or radio ministries seeking more information.

In Central Eurasia, meeting a follower of Jesus is a rare occasion. In the 10 countries that make up this area, the vast majority of people live from birth to death without ever hearing a clear explanation of the gospel. But, through the obedience of God’s people and the power of the Holy Spirit, the scene is slowly changing!